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Orange County Wood Fascia Repair Specialist.

South County Roofing
is your “Wood Fascia Repair Specialist” when it comes to replacing or repairing dry rot and termite damaged wood on your Orange County home.

Did you know that your roof is where a lot of dry rot damage originates? Taking off the wood fascia boards, boards under the roof, or connected to the roof in any way should be done by an experienced carpenter and water proofer. Not just any roofer or termite repair contractor. You need someone truely qualified.

South County Roofing Qualifications

Owner began roofing full time in 1987
Licensed with the CSLB (Partnership) in 1992
Sole Proprietor Licensed (737515) with the CSLB in 1997
Achieved Industry Expect Certification with the CSLB in 1999
Certified by Owens Corning in 2002
Certified by Mull-Hide (low sloped roofing specialty manufacture) in 2003
Certified at the highest level Certainteed offers in 2004
Certified at the highest level by Elk roofing (manufacture) 2004
Certified at the highest level by GAF (manufacture) 2004
Service Magic Professional and Member since 2004
Awarded the Crystal Cove Historical Cottage rebuild contract (for the roofing of 21 cottages) 2004
Project managers now get certified by Certainteed 2005 website 2007
Accepted by as a roofing expert 2008
Best of Lake Forest Award by the U.S. Local Business Association (USLBA) 2008
Lifetime Exemption from Certainteed for the Quality Master Program 2008
Accredited by the Better Business Bureau with the highest rating possible A+ 2008
Certified By Eagle Roofing to Install their Solar Roofing Panels 2009
Best of Lake Forest Award by the U.S. Local Business Association (USLBA) 2010
Best of Lake Forest Award by the U.S. Local Business Association (USLBA) 2011
Best of Lake Forest Award by the U.S. Local Business Association (USLBA) 2012
Best of Lake Forest Award by the U.S. Local Business Association (USLBA) 2013
16th Year in business being Licensed and Insured (License Number 737515) 2012

mission viejo wood fascia removal
Here’s how we do it –

The first thing that needs to be done is the tile has to be removed and very carefully stacked aside for later re-use. This must be done slowly and purposely or the roof around the areas we are working will sustain minor amounts of damage. If this step is not properly done your roof will get damaged. Probably not enough damage that you can see it from the ground but it will be the type of damage that will come back and haunt you and regret hiring that person. Then you must cut the dry rot off all the beams. This is where it can get tricky. I have personally seen contractors pull out their trusty skill saw and start sawing. That’s where we differ big time. The standard skill saw does not have a wide enough blade to cut cleanly through the wood in a single pass. This means you will need to cut every beam twice and you will notice the cuts get very rough because of it. If the wood is left in this rough state before the newly hung fascia will not go on straight. Using a beam saw is the option we like. It may cost more to have the right tools but it sure does pay when quality counts. And to us, quality always counts. Not to mention it is much quicker when only having to make a single pass. In the end it just pays to have the right people on the job.

Mission Viejo Beam Repair and Sanding
The little Details Make the Job Special

When you cut back beams the wood surface that is left will need to be sanded.  Even though we use a special saw we like the surface as straight as possible so that the fascia doesn’t look “wavy” when you look at it.  Now, getting a roofer to go back and sand each beam before they install the fascia is going to be almost impossible unless you hire us.  I don’t think most roofer’s would bring a sander to work with them or even own one.  After all, roofers in general are not very experienced at doing wood work.  But, they don’t seem to have a problem bidding and accepting these types of jobs.  But, just because they need work does not mean you should expect it to come out looking like this.  The wood work experience most roofers have is cutting plywood and replacing a few pieces of eave board.  It considered rough carpentry.  Those tasks do not require the use of a level, triangle, slider, or other special equipment and they can be done by just about anyone.  Fascia removal and replacement, large beam cut backs, and patio installation requires a framing specific background with some finish and detail wood work experience to make it look nice.  We have all that and more.  

Mission Viejo Fascia Repair and beam cutting

Details, details, details.

When doing a job like this the devil is in the details as they say.  It’s the little things that count.  Anyone can tear down boards and put them back up but do they do it in a professional manner?  Will their work stand the test of time?  The answer for most contractors is no.  The problem is if you ask them they will tell you yes but that is just not the truth.  The truth is most contractors don’t have any idea that someone is actually doing work like this.  They think everyone does the same thing.  Most contractors believe all contractors do everything as cheap as possible and as fast as possible.  Just ask them.  They think that is what you want.  We know differently.  Yes, we know that you the customer is going to be price conscience.  But, we also know you want the job done right and you don’t want short cuts taken on your home.  Here, at South County Roofing we have it down to a science because we have done it so many times.  This didn’t come naturally for us and it doesn’t for anyone.  It was through a lot of doing it over and over and us concentrating on doing the best job we possibly could.  Every job we do makes us a little bit better.  Even the smallest details are not taken for granted.  Every corner we cut is expertly mitered.  Even the large beams will be carefully mitered even though it takes a lot more time and expertise. 

Fascia RepairThis is not a normal detail cut to see.  I usually inspect homes with new fascia installed and most beams with fascia attached to it have a simple butt joint used to join them.  Let’s face it, most roofers (even the ones who say they are detailed oriented) are not detailed oriented.  Most roofers, window guys, or contractors do not have high carpentry standards even though they want to or claim to.  It is because of our standards that your job comes out the way it does.  And, it all begins when we pick out your wood from the lumber yard.  The fascia we used for this and every job was handpicked and delivered to the job by us personally. We will select kiln dried wood as necessary and closely inspect the wood before it is loaded into the truck and delivered to the job.  We always pick and deliver our own wood. I know we could have the lumber company or whoever deliver it but we are very concerned about the quality of the wood we use.  We rather hand pick each piece of wood we use for your house that way we know it is as straight as possible and free of any obvious defects or disease.  This ensures that every piece of wood meets our scrutiny.  When the project is done and all the wood is painted and replaced your fascia will look brand new.Fascia Dry Rot

Sometimes the fascia needed to be replaced is right in front of the entrance to the home. The entrance of a home is a focal point and that makes the task of finding the right person for this job even more important.  There’s a big difference from working on a hidden section of the home than from working on something prominently located in plain view.  If this is not done correctly up you will be seeing it every day you walk in your house.  Looking at someone’s lack of detail on a daily basic is not something that I look forward to.  There’s a lot more to this type of repair than just removing and replacing some boards.  It’s the little things that we do that will the difference in your home appearance.  Having us do the job will lead to a sense of pride and satisfaction in knowing a high degree of craftsmanship was used on your home.  If quality is something you want your in the right place

Dry Rot Beam Repair
Here you can see we not only cut back the beams, but we replaced the eave board, primed and painted the fascia. After all the fascia is replaced we then replaced all the damaged eave boards and the damaged roofing felt in that same area. Also, we installed a new 2x4 inch white baked on enamel drip edge metal to the deck to help protect the new fascia. We know that you could use standard 2x2 sized metal and that is what I was told every contractor bidding on this job specified.  And that’s typical.  But, that’s not typical for us.  I can only assume they were trying to save a buck by using smaller metal.  We feel you cannot get enough protection in this critical area and we will go the extra mile at every turn in your project.  You will not have to wonder what would need to be done at certain points in the job because we will already be doing it.  From using the proper wood, the correct fasteners, appropriate priming and painting, using necessary metal treatments, and in this case finishing of the edge of the tile with a custom dove inlayed clay bird stop to further upgrade the appearance of the front of the home.  No detail will be forgotten and no detail will be taken for granted and absolutely no short cuts.

Fascia Dry Rot
Finishing touches, here we come.

At some point the finishing touches is all that is left on the job. We know that this is the point where most customers are likely to be left a little unsatisfied with their job. Let’s face it. A contractor’s attention to detail usually starts to diminish when he is this close to the finish line. I don’t know why but it seems the closer they get to the finishing it seems they just want to get paid. I dislike that attitude greatly and that will not happen with us. We know all too well that the job requires the little things to be done as well to hold up to our own high standards. On this particular job that meant re-touching up the all of the paint, repairing the stucco where the old fascia was attached, and of course (something we are known for) an immaculate clean up of the premises. Our goal is to make it look like we were never even there.

Stucco Repair

By doing the stucco repairs and painting ourselves we can save you from hiring another contractor. This can save you a great deal of time, money, and hassle. It’s just another service we do that makes us stand apart and show how dedicated we are to doing every part of the job as best we can.

When we finished this job Chris and Marjorie couldn’t believe the results. We have been able to duplicate these results over and over for Orange County customers. Doing the little extra things and our attention to detail have given us an excellent reputation here in Orange County.

Looks like we were never even there

Thank you for taking the time to read so far into our website. We hope we were able to convey that we really care about what we do, we are very detailed oriented, and we do have the skills that are necessary to make a job like the one described above come out looking like it should have the day it was built.

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