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Glenn Shulman a Laguna Hills resident needed help solving a leak that plagued his Laguna Hills home located in Nellie Gail Ranch. Glenn had a leak in his leaving room that he believed was the result of a roof leak around his large chimney or fireplace. We were one of the many roofers he found on Google and after all the opinions by all the experts he decided on having us use our exclusive roof repair techniques to solve this problem for once and for all.

Laguna Hills, Ca - Nellie Gale Ranch Roof Repair

In order to properly repair the leak you will need all of tile, flashing, and tar paper removed from around the chimney. With everything removed and all the tile carefully stacked aside for later use, we got the deck completely exposed. By completely exposing the roof deck we can see exactly where the water is coming in from and solve this problem. Keep in mind some roofers like to leave the old tar paper on the roof. This is a huge mistake and I can go on and on why I would never recommend this unless premature failure of your repair work is the desired result. Guess what, depending on who you have on your roof that could be the desired result. Most roofers at this point (that is assuming if they even bothered to expose the deck) simply rush to paper the area, install the old flashing, and collect your check. As for us, we are just getting started. Next step for us is to meticulously clean the deck, pound down any nails that are now sticking up, blow everything off, clean and remove all foreign objects, and then install ice and water shield. Now that sounds like a repair to me. Then you get your paper, new flashing and with our exclusive water proofing tie in methods you are guaranteed that our repair area will be the last area on your whole roof to fail. Does that sound like the disired result you want? FYI - If you think just because the roofer has many years of experience that you are going to get the results I am talking about you may be saddly mistaken. These extra steps are just one of the many reasons why you want us on your roof.

Roof Repair Laguna Hills California
Unfortunately with this repair the chimney had already been fixed by not one but "two experienced" previous South Orange County Roofers and they got a very sloppy job. After they did their repairs a year passed and their warranty went with it. It only took one big storm every other year and that hope was also gone as they realized the repair was not holding.

By taking the time tested thorough approachs we do such as: removing the tile, the roofing felt, and roof flashing, identify the leak source, clean the deck, pound down all protruding nails, we provide a permanent solution for this problem and we install a layer of Ice and Water Shield. Ice and Water Shield is a durable roof membrane that is super sticky on one side of it. Remove the release tape and properly apply it directly to the area you want and water will not be getting in there again. This is just one of the many benefits you get hiring us.

Laguna Hills Roof Leak Repairs
We take great pride in our work and it shows with every detail. This job was finished off with all flashing being hand painted and custom mortar work done where it was missing. I know it is easier, faster, and cheaper to just use some spray paint but that’s not how we do things. Everything is done to last a lifetime and our warranties are the longest and strongest in the business because of it.

Brian ,
Thanks for all the great work you did at our home. I was very impressed by the professionalism you showed in your straight-forward, honest approach. The photos helped reassure me that the job was done as you promised and convinced me that you do quality work. Thanks again ! - Glenn

Call us and well be the last roofer youll ever trust with one of the most valuable assets you have, your house.

Roof Repair Laguna Hills California

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