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Orange County Attic Blow In Insulation

Attic Blow In Insulation

Blow in attic insulation is a perfect way to help cool down your house.  Done properly it will create an insulated wall between your home and the attic.  This is necessary because of poor attic ventilation and excess heat transfer coming into the attic from the roof.  On the hottest of days your asphalt composition roof and tile roof can reach temperatures of 140 or more degrees.  With your roof that hot the first thing that happens is the space below the roof will heat up to about 130-140 degrees.  With your attic temperature soaring during the hot summer days the heat is trapped in the attic with no place to go but a cooler place which is inside your home.  Once inside there really isn’t much you can do without running an expensive air conditioning unit or trying to use fans. 

Owens Corning Loose Fill Insulation

With the average attic we see terribly under insulated we find customers see a difference right away when we install the new insulation.  We can bring your attic up an R-value that is so high that the heat will have a very difficult time transferring into the house.  The result is a much more comfortable living space.  The product we use is Owens Corning Loose Fill Insulation.  Owens Corning developed a new fiber which when blown creates an affectively distributed network of thermal reservoirs to resist heat transfer.  The high performance fiberizing technology produces a fiber construction that achieves a higher thermal performance in blown applications.  No other loose fill insulation measures up to its coverage, performance and energy efficiency. 

Attic Insulation

This service can be done while we are doing your roof (as shown above in Dana Point) or we can do it after the fact.  Before we start blowing in the insulation we will carefully go through your attic space and find and mark all the recessed can lights so we do not cover them.  We stake out the entire space with the markers so that we can make sure we get the correct depth of insulation needed for the planned R-Value.  Typically in just one day we can get your attic insulated up to an R-Value of 49.  A well insulated attic is the first step in regulating your homes temperature, decreasing heat transfer, and lowering the use of your heating and air conditioning units.

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