Orange County Licensed Roofing Contractor

Orange County Licensed and Insured Roofer

California State Contractors Certification

This certificate is issued by the Contractors State License Board License to the person who passes the exam. The CSLB recommends that you only hire roofing contractors (and it says in writing on their website) who have been in business at least five years. The reason for that statement is that the warranty for new roofing work should be for at least five years. Since 90% of all businesses go out of business in less than five years it is good to be on the safe side and hire contractor who have been in business more than five years and avoid the new comers until they have been sufficiently licensed for the proper amount of time. We have been in business for over ten years now. The owner Brian Atkins is a second generation roofer who's father has been licensed and in business since 1978. That is just one of the many reasons we are the “Best and Safest Choice” in roofing.

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