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These guys were great! They came out on time, diagnosed the roof and gutter problems in no time, explained everything in great detail, and completed all necessary repairs the same day at a very fair price. Thank you South County Roofing.

Jenny L

I had a great experience with Brian and his crew. They fixed a leak and did some general maintenance about a year ago. Very professional, showed up on time, price was as quoted, very polite, responds quickly to emails and calls. I recently had a leak and called Brian, as they told me originally that they stand by their work. They came out right away to check it out and found a new issue that had nothing to do with the original work. Nonetheless, they sealed the new leak on the spot, no problems, no questions asked. They always show you pictures of what they see on the roof so that you can verify the issue for yourself. I highly recommend South County Roofing!


This is a great company. I had a roof leak which stained the ceiling drywall in the garage. I contacted South County Roofing and they sent Jesse out to give me an estimate. I decided to use them and I am very pleased that I did. Jesse is a real nice guy who communicates very well. He showed up on time this morning, removed the tiles and felt paper, showed me where the problem was, and fixed it. Jesse really knows what he is doing. He is not only a very skilled roofer, but someone you can trust. I will definitely use them again if I ever have another roof problem.

Keith S

Brain is the Best. Always on time, on budget, and a job well done. I always call him first for client roof inspections and repairs, both large and small. Highly recommended!

Peter J

It’s now 2018 and this last rain revealed that we have A leak in our roof. Once again I call Brian he came out and advised us on where he thought the leak was coming from which was completely different from where I thought it would be. He and his team came out completely waterproofed around our chimney which had created a roof rot and leak around the flashing of one of our roof vents. Brian took pictures showed us exactly where the problem occurred and what he and his team would do to fix the issue. Brian provided us with a very reasonable quoteand he and his team were able to complete the work in a day. I find Brian to be a complete professional, he will tell you what the problem actually is and will not cut corners simply to please a client. I argued with him that I thought that the leak was simply around the flashing of a vent. He proved me wrong with pictures and I was absolutely pleased that he did. I know the next major storm my roof will perform like new and as Brian outlined should last my lifetime.

These guys are very professional do quality work and I focused on doing the job right.

T Wolford

South County Roofing – About Us

South County Roofing is roof repair only company serving mostly South Orange County residential homeowners.  We are small and very specialized in areas of roof leak repair and roofing maintenance.  Our belief is that the quality of the work matters the most we do not quantity.

We hire good people not just employees. We believe in doing one job at a time not as many as we can. We start jobs and do not leave them until they are done. As a company we are a group of families and friends not co-workers and customers.

There is a lot about us that will set us apart and it all starts with those simple beliefs and practices. We have an active license with the CSLB since 1997 (737515) and we have been located Lake Forest, CA 92630 the whole time.

It is Owned and operated by Brian Atkins who is a 2nd generation roofer and William Clayton who is an expert when it comes leak detection and roof repair.

If we are called out to look at a roof, we will provide you with one the most thorough assessments of your situation and offer solutions based on 30+ years of experience.  The solutions we offer are not based on what we could do to your roof that would make the company the most money.

They are based on your needs, not ours.  If you have a budget in mind and an idea of how long you plan to be in the home, we can tailor a work description and repair budget to fit your needs and make sure your roof problems are properly addressed and warrantied.

What you should know about warranties

When it comes to the issue of warranties, we are going to be really hard to beat. When you are getting your roof repaired warranties really show who has confidence in their employees and their abilities.  A one-year warranty is not going to do you any good and really displays a lack of experience in that area of repair. 

Even a sloppy and incorrectly done repair may not show the signs of the roof not being fixed properly for the first year or so. 

Did you know that many local roofers limit their warranty to a certain number of call backs and / or prorations?

This allows them to do just about whatever they want and be able to get out of their obligations without ever fixing your problem and still making good money!  We offer a “No Leak” warranty that is not limited to a certain number of call backs, fine print proration periods, maximum payouts, or other restrictions that are mostly bait and switch type techniques.

If we cannot fix what we were paid to fix, then you may be entitled to a full refunded and it stays that way for the life of the warranty.  Our repair warranties are two years in length which is double what most of our competitors offer.

We are here for the consumer who wants to get exactly what they paid for which is a roof or roof repair that will last as long as it should.

 Photo Documentation:

Taking before, after, and job progress photos is something we have been doing since Polaroid’s were the only option and it is a standard service we have been doing for customers since I first started in roofing back in the 80’s. What we supply you with as far as an estimate and photo documentation is something you will not get anywhere else, period.

 Brian Atkins Experience:

I was introduced to roofing by my father when I was in junior high in the 1980’s. By the time I was 10 years old (1980) I knew what most general roofing materials were and had some idea of their purpose. I got my first real job in 1980 working at the Orange County Register with my brother and two of my oldest friends.  One of them still works at the Register, amazing.

At the age of thirteen I started working during the summer for my Fathers roofing company and continued that every summer and many weekends of my junior high and high school years. After graduating from La Quinta High School in 1988 I immediately began working full time as a journeyman roofer doing roof repair work and installing asphalt composition shingle roofs.

My area of specialty and interests has always been on the roof repair side of the business. In 1992 I got my first license (A-1 South County Roofing) in Irvine, CA.  This is where started to make my own niche in roofing by specializing in roof repair, dry rot repair, termite damage repair, and full roof restorations. In 1997 I took the CSLB testing and qualified for a license on my own and moved my roofing business location to Lake Forest, CA. and that’s where we have been ever since

South County Roofing History

If you have out to inspect your roof you will see what a difference it makes when you are dealing with a contractor who is certified by every major manufacture that you will need, has the proper insurance, and has achieved all that we have makes in your bid.

You can get all that and maybe even a better price and no doubt the longest and strongest residential roofing warranty you will find. Our dedication to our job and profession is 2nd to none here in South Orange County.

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Our Exclusive “No Leak” Warranty has you Covered

South County Roofing prides itself on having the strongest 2 Year tile roof leak repair warranties in the business. Furthermore, we back our roof leak repair warranties up in writing with our Exclusive “No Leak Warranty” that guarantees you your money back in case we cannot repair your leak as written and agreed to.

Getting a warranty in writing that spells out exactly what will happen in the event of the leak not being fixed is so important. Moreover, what is even more important is hiring a company that does such good work that you will probably never need that warranty. We believe that is us.