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Orange County Fascia Repair

South County Roofing is your a local orange county fascia board repair company that specializes in removing and replacing dry rot or termite damaged fascia boards on your home.

The roof is where a lot of dry rot damage originates and the taking off the wood fascia boards, boards under the roof, or any boards that are connected to the roof in any way should be done by an experienced carpenter and water proofer.

Wood Fascia is Detailed Work

When you’re having a job like this the devil is in the details. It’s the little things that count.  South County Roofing is concerned about the smallest details involved with your job.

We make sure to make clean mitered corner cuts.  Even the large beams can be mitered even though it takes a lot more time.  Some contractors may not take the time when it comes to details but we do.

It is because of our high standards that your job comes out the way it does. Our attention to detail begins when we pick out your wood.

The fascia we use and every job is handpicked and delivered to the job by our company.  We will select the right type of wood for your job.  This is kiln dried wood and we closely check each piece of fascia before we purchase it.

We are concerned about the quality of the wood we use. It is important to us that every piece of wood is the best we can locally buy.

Orange County Fascia Board Repairs

Sometimes the fascia boards need to be replaced is right in front of the entrance to the home.  This makes the work very visible.  Fascia board repair to the front of the home need special attention to make sure it is just right.

The entrance of a home is a focal point and that makes the task of finding the right person for removing and replacing wood fascia on your home makes this job even more important.

There is a big difference from working on a hidden section of the home than from working on something prominently located in plain view.  Curb appeal is very important.  With the cost of homes in Orange County prospective new home buyers won’t settle for anything but the best.

There’s a lot more to this type of repair than just removing and replacing some boards. It’s the little things that need to be done.  Having the job done correctly will give you a sense of pride and satisfaction in knowing a high degree of craftsmanship was used on your home.

Orange County Fascia Do’s and Don’ts!

Removing and replacing fascia boards or trim from around your home can be one of the most difficult and expensive repairs you will do to the exterior of your Orange County home.  Here we have list of things you should consider before you replace any wood fascia on your home.

Is it Better to Remove Bigger or Smaller Pieces?

The first decision your contractor will make is where and how to cut out and remove the damage fascia.  Make sure when getting estimate for repairs that you know if the contractor is going to replace the entire length or just a small section of fascia.

An often-used technique by termite contractors is to draw you a map of the exterior of the home and make a bunch of notes around the perimeter where you have damage.

This makes it look like a lot of work is going to be done.  What they do not tell you is that they are mostly going to cut out tiny sections or as small as possible sections to get rid of the termite or dry rot damage wood section.

What you may not know is that a licensed termite contractor is not trained at removing and replacing your roofing tiles.  This is important because some fascia and eave board damage could be a direct result of a leaking roof right on the edge of your home.

Not addressing the roof repair part of the project could result in a couple of problems.  Furthermore, not properly water proofing the roof after the fascia or eave boards have been repaired could lead to the new wood work getting damaged the next time it rains.

Another problem that can occur is when a small section of fascia board is replaced.  When this happens, it is possible that the new piece will not properly support the weight of the roof above the section and the result is your structure is weaker than it was before the repair.  That is the down side to not replacing the whole piece of wood.

And, in fact the new and small replacement piece of wood will look odd as compared to the old boards.  The result is: it will look like an obvious repair rather than restoration of the damaged section.

We prefer to do the whole length of fascia when replacing on a front facing side of the home.  This may not add value to your home, but it certainly will look much better and will not take away any value which a bad fascia job in the front of a home will.

For less visible sections of the home, you can replace small section when it is just not financially feasible to replace every long length of fascia.  We recommend keeping that to a minimum.

Different Wood Types used for Repairs

This is another important decision your contractor may just make for you.  The most common species of used for timber frame homes is white pine, red and white oak, and Douglas fir, cypress and cedar.

Then you have a few alternatives to wood such as:  cellular PVC, poly ash, fiver cement, and composite and engineered wood.

The most common fascia material here on the West Coast would be Spruce, pine, or Fir.

While there is a lot of discussion to be had for what you could use or what is best, I can tell you without a doubt what NOT to let your contractor use and that would Doug Fir wood from the Home Depot or Lowes.

Doug Fir is what you home is framed with and is the cheapest and most widely used species for framing wood.

Douglas fir does not hold up to the weather and should not be used for fascia ever.  Not to mention is does not look good and does not paint well.

And, it will quickly twist when exposed to extreme southern heat.  Locally we have a good lumber company called Ganahl Lumber and they carry wood designed specifically for fascia.

It is known simply as Orange County Fascia Board and it is kiln dried and it is typically White Pine or sometimes referred to as Hemlock Rough Sawn.

Orange County Fascia and Do you Prime, Paint, or Both?

Of course, you need to do both, but the question is when?  We like to prime and paint the fascia on the ground before we install the wood.  This is because you need all six sides to be primed and once you install the fascia that will be impossible.

And, because the fascia is rough sawn on one or two side you need a wire brush to wipe off the sawdust that is trapped in the rough sawn texture of the wood or the paint will not stick. This will cause paint failure sooner.

Orange County Fascia Board Fasteners

There are many types of nails and screws that can be used to secure wood to the framing of your home.  Everything from common nails to decking screws can be used.

The best fastener for your fascia and what we use is Hot Dipped 16d nails.  These stand up the rust, the hot dip process gives the shank a very rough texture to resist backing out of your fascia.

This helps keep your corners tight over time and the large head does not sink in and damage the wood like a screw head wood.

Why doesn’t every contractor use these nails when installing fascia?  They about five times as expensive of what you can buy locally at the big box stores and you have to special order these.

If you don’t hire us to do your fascia you will probably get some Doug Fir thrown up quickly and fastened with 16d “sinker” nails which are vinyl coated and smooth shanked for easy driving and they are inexpensive.

The problem with these nails is that they rust and back out of the wood over time much more than Hot Dipped nails.

The result from using sinker nails for your fascia is loose corners and rust stain around the nail heads.  Not good.

Butt Joints or Mitered Joints

Joints are the points where two pieces of wood are joined together.  Your contractor has the option to do a butt joint which is two straight cuts just pushed together or a more complicated mitered joint.

In the case of a mitered joint the wood is cut and joined at a 45-degree angle.  This allows for a fastener to go through both pieces of wood forming a much tighter joint.

You need all joints primed and tight to keep water out or you will end up replacing the fascia again much sooner than you want to.  Rest assured we always do a mitered joint!

If all this seems a little much to concern yourself with then just give us a call and leave the rest to us.

We’ll make sure the proper wood is selected and used, it is primed and painted before being hung, hot dipped nails with be used to fasten the fascia, and all joint will be mitered.

Putting it all back Together

After all the Orange County fascia work is done there’s still a lot to do.  Now comes the hard part of putting the roof back together in a manner that you can not tell it was disturbed in the first place.  If you have a tile roof you may need some broken tiles replaced.  New water proofing will need to be applied to make sure the roof above the work is water tight.

While you’re at it you may want the roof checked for any roof repairs that may need to be done.  Tile roofs need basic maintenance every 5 years or so.  If you can combine the two projects you should be able to save a little money by having one professional do the dry rot repair to your fascia or eave boards and roofing maintenance at the same time.

Because we have been removing tiles and fascia for over 25 years, we have the experience to get this job done right from start to finish.  Call the Orange County Fascia Board Replacement experts today!

Contact Orange County Fascia Directly

If you have a quick question about our Orange County Fascia services, you can always send us a picture of your concern is and email it directly to us at customerservivce@southcountyroofing.com and our office manager will get back to you right away.

If you have a specific concern and need it taken care of right away, then please fill out our contact form.  Filling out the form allows us to quickly know where you are, what you need, and allow us to sometimes immediately dispatch a repair technician or sales rep. to your home.

Lastly, if it is raining you must fill out the form.  Rather than us calling you back, leaving messages, returning your message, playing phone tag, and then getting all your info over the telephone.

The contact form cuts straight to that and you will get scheduled much more quickly.  Call the Orange County Fascia and get the work done right on time.

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