Ladera Ranch Roofing

Ladera Ranch Roofing

At over 400 acres the master planned community of Ladera Ranch can count on South County Roofing for quality roof repair work.  At South County Roofing if we cannot fix your tile roof leak then you won’t pay for it.  We don’t take money up front for roof repairs and we don’t charge for estimates.  You only pay after we are done and you are completely satisfied.

How to fix Roofs

We are completely licensed with the Contractors State License Board, Bonded, and insured with both Workers Compensation Insurance.  We offer a 2 year “No Leak” warranties on our tile roof leak repairs and we stand behind our work.  We can fix just about any type of roof leak that you may have.  Give us a call today because we are local and repair roofs every day in South Orange County.

Ladera Ranch Roof Inspection

We offer roof inspection and roof certification services for home owner looking to purchase a new home in Ladera Ranch and Mission Viejo areas.  If you’re looking to buy a new home or you just want to make sure you roof gets an annual checked we can help.  We have some of the most experienced and knowledge roofing inspector you will come across.  We are honest and professional.  Hire us to inspect your roof and we can save you thousands of dollars in unexpected repairs.

Broken Roofing Tiles in Ladera Ranch

Ladera Ranch has thousands of tile roofs and every tile should be inspected annually for broken tiles.  You don’t want to wait for the rainy season to arrive to find out that you have broken tile that need to be replaced.  South County Roofing is busy repairing and replacing broken roofing tiles all over Orange County Every week.

We know how to find a good match for your tile and correctly remove and replace your broken tiles without damaging your roof.  Have your roof fixed by a licensed professional who specialized in tile roofs.  Call South County Roofing Today and get your roof fixed tomorrow.

Roof Leak Detection Services – Ladera Ranch

We not only fix roof leak but we will find the roof leak source that is damaging your Ladera Ranch home.  That can be the big difference from most Ladera Ranch roofing contractors.  We will remove the roof, track the leak to its source, photograph it, document, and fix it for good, and add on our Long-Term “No Leak” Warranty and you won’t fix that leak again.

Repair or Replace your Ladera Ranch Leaking Skylight

Skylights are a great source of light for a dark room.  The only problem with having a skylight is they are known for leaking.  We can remove and replace you old and leaking Ladera Ranch skylight and if the flashing is the problem, we can take care of that as well.

We have the experience needed to completely strip the roofing from around your skylight check and repair the decking for any mold damage that might be present and replace all the flashing with new, hand fabricated flashing right there on the spot.  You get all that and a price that can’t be beat.  Call us today and get your Ladera Ranch skylight fixed tomorrow!

Ladera Ranch Roofing Company Near Me

Often the first sign of a roof leak is a brown spot on the drywall ceiling.  If at any time you see water dripping through the ceiling you will need to take some action.  The easiest course of action is getting some towels to clean up the water and some sort of receptacle to catch the water.

If it is a small leak, you can use a bowl to catch the water that is leaking through the ceiling.  If it seems like you have a big roof leak on your hands and a lot of water is dripping through the ceiling then go straight for the bucket.

What to do About Drywall damage from your leaking roof?

The first thing you should to do if you see you ceiling starting to bubble is get something to poke a hole in the ceiling so the water can drain out.  Leaving water above the ceiling will only cause the water damage from the roof leak to spread making the roof leak more costly.

Once you have any furniture moved out of way, used a towel to clean up the water, placed a bucket to catch any water, and poked a hole in your ceiling then give us a call.

We can go up top and see if any cost-effective emergency roof repairs can be made to slow or temporally stop the leak until the roof repairs can be safely made.

Emergency Roof Repairs

Once you have done everything you can do inside the home it is time to call the roof repair professionals South County Roofing.  We keep several types of plastics and tarps on hand to cover you roof for just about any situation.

But, not every leak or type of roof should have plastic or tarping materials installed on it.  We will look at your leak, where it is stemming from, and what type of roofing you have to determine if tarping is a good idea.

Contact South County Roofing Directly

If you have a question about our Ladera Ranch roofing services, you can always send us a picture of your concern and email us directly at

The office manager will get back to you right away.

If you have a specific concern and need it taken care of right away, then please fill out our contact form.

Filling out the form allows us to quickly know where you are, what you need, and allow us to sometimes immediately dispatch a roof repair technician or sales rep. to your home.

Lastly, if it is raining you must fill out the form.  Rather than us calling you back, leaving messages, returning your message, playing phone tag, and then getting all your info over the telephone.

The contact form will get your Ladera Ranch roofing estimate scheduled much more quickly.

Ladera Ranch Roofing

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Our Exclusive “No Leak” Warranty has you Covered

South County Roofing prides itself on having the strongest 2 Year tile roof leak repair warranties in the business. Furthermore, we back our roof leak repair warranties up in writing with our Exclusive “No Leak Warranty” that guarantees you your money back in case we cannot repair your leak as written and agreed to.

Getting a warranty in writing that spells out exactly what will happen in the event of the leak not being fixed is so important. Moreover, what is even more important is hiring a company that does such good work that you will probably never need that warranty. We believe that is us.