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During the rainy season a good local roofer may be hard to find.  It won’t be that way with us because we are your local Rancho Santa Margarita Roofing Contractor.  Filling out our Contact Form is the best way to get scheduled. We can often get to customers who filled out our Contact Form the same day.

Our office is located in Lake Forest and has been since 1997.  We are completely licensed banded and insured.  Our license is active and registered with the Contractor’s State License Board under the number 737515.  If you click on the hyper to the left, you will be directly to our license states print that comes directly from the CSLB website.

We take pride in being a reputable Rancho Santa Margarita Roofer by maintaining an A+ Rating the Better Business Bureau.  We also have over 150 Five Star Reviews on popular search engines such as google maps and Yelp.com.

As you can see, we have established ourselves as a local, licensed, Rancho Santa Margarita Roofing Company With great ratings and reviews.

Reliable Rancho Santa Margarita Roofing Services

As a roof repair specialist, we offer a wide range of roofing services for almost any type of roof.  No matter what your needs please don’t hesitate to fill out our contact form.  Chances are that we are fixing a roof very close to you allowing us to stop by on short notice.

Expert Roof maintenance – is probably one of the more important services you can have done for your roof.  Maintaining the integrity of your roof depends on making sure the deferred maintenance is kept up.  A well maintained will last longer and is less likely to leak.  If you are looking for a roofer to help with any maintenance, then give us a try and we just might be the last roofer you ever trust on your roof.  Call the Rancho Santa Margarita Roofing repair specialist today and get your free estimate tomorrow.

Tile Roof leak repair in Rancho Santa Margarita

Tile roof repair is probably the most difficult roof to fix and make sure it doesn’t leak again.  The steps and techniques that must be strictly adhered to are tedious and take a lot of time.  Because we are a roof leak repair specialist, we repair more roofs in a year than most roofer do their entire career..

This added experience of fixing the same roof leak over and over allows us to not just fix the leak permanently but make sure that the roof is restored as if no repair work was done.  Leaving no sign of previous repairs is a good sign the roofer is experience with that type of repair work.  See why Rancho Santa Margarita Roofing is the tile roof leak repair experts.

Rancho Santa Margarita Roofing Tile Roof Repair Specialist

No matter what type of tile roof you have installed on your home we can repair and maintain it.  We have been fixing concrete tile roofs in the Orange County area since 1997.  In many cases the tile roofs installed by the original builder are not secured properly and this can lead to loose and slipping tiles.

  • Loose tiles are prone
  • blowing off in high winds
  • Falling off completely when the proper length fastener isn’t used
  • Slipping out of place and exposing the underlayment to the damaging effects of the sun.

To find out if you have these problems, we can inspect your roof carefully and take note of any issue we find.  We know how to walk slowly and carefully over your roof tile not to cause any additional damage or breakage.

  • Evaluate your Roof on your Rancho Santa Margarita Home
  • A carefully roof inspection of your tile roof will include:
  • Evaluating your ridge and trim pieces and making sure they are secure
  • Checking fascia board for dry rot or obvious termite damage
  • Inspecting critical flashing areas such as tun runs, skylight, chimneys
  • Making sure valley sections of your roof are free and clear of debris so that water can travel off them freely

Broken, Slipped, or Displaced Roofing Tiles

Getting your roof checked for broken, loose, and missing tiles on an annual basis is the best thing you can do for your tiles roof.  The next best thing is having us do it.  We know how to carefully walk your entire roof without breaking any tiles.

We walk the entire carefully and will check every row to make sure we don’t miss any tiles that are cracked.  We even check for chipped tiles.  A lot of roofers simply glue broken tiles.  That is just a temporary repair, and we don’t do that.

We will identify any glued tiles and mark those for replacement.  We will not put a discolored tile on the front of your home.  We take pride in our work, and we do it affordably.  Call Rancho Santa Margarita Roofing today and get your broken roofing tiles fixed tomorrow.

Skylight Replacement on your Home

Skylights are an integral part of the light and feel for any room.  That add light and a decorative touch like no other window can.  But skylights do not last forever and at some they will need to be replaced.  You can depend on our company to help remove and replace your skylight.

We know how to walk on your roof and change your skylight without damaging the shingles or tiles.  Call the Rancho Santa Margarita skylight professional and get your skylight measured for replacement tomorrow.

Residential Fascia Board Replacement Rancho Santa Margarita

You can schedule a visit from our company to inspect your fascia for damage that may need to be repaired.  We are experienced at fascia repair having replaced over 10,000 board feet of wood fascia board since 1997.

Realtor Roof Inspection Service Rancho Santa Margarita

More than any roof a tile roof needs to be inspected from time to time.  If you are planning to buy a home with a tile roof you should have it professionally inspected before you purchase the home.

Our company has been repairing and inspecting tile roofs in for over 25 years.  We have inspected thousands of roofs over this time.  

We know how to closely check the inside of the home for any signs previous leaks, look at the eave for water damage could lead to costly roof repairs down the road.

We will check all the plumbing and heating flashing for storm collars and the correct sealant.  And look carefully at the flashing used around your chimney and in valleys.

Mistakes in these areas could leads to costly repairs.  Have us inspect your roof before your buy the home and we make sure you know what you’re getting into.

Call us today for a roof inspection in tomorrow

Contact the Tile Roof Leak Repair Experts Directly

If you have a question, you can always send us a picture of your concern and email us directly at customerservivce@southcountyroofing.com

The office manager will get back to you right away.

If you have a specific concern and need it taken care of right away, then please fill out our contact form.

Filling out the form allows us to quickly know where you are, what you need, and allow us to sometimes immediately dispatch a repair technician or sales rep. to your home.

Lastly, if it is raining you must fill out the form.  Rather than us calling you back, leaving messages, returning your message, playing phone tag, and then getting all your info over the telephone.

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Our Exclusive “No Leak” Warranty has you Covered

South County Roofing prides itself on having the strongest 2 Year tile roof leak repair warranties in the business. Furthermore, we back our roof leak repair warranties up in writing with our Exclusive “No Leak Warranty” that guarantees you your money back in case we cannot repair your leak as written and agreed to.

Getting a warranty in writing that spells out exactly what will happen in the event of the leak not being fixed is so important. Moreover, what is even more important is hiring a company that does such good work that you will probably never need that warranty. We believe that is us.