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Tile Roof Repair is one of our most popular services we perform to keep your home leak free.  We can perform maintenance to your Concrete Tile Roof and sometimes prevent more costly damage to your home or business.

Whether your leak is a small matter or causing series damage now, they must be addressed because the leaks will only get worse over time.

We have the experience and proven track record of finding, repairing, and preventing water intrusion through your roof and into your home.  Call us today and get your free Foothill Ranch roof repair estimate scheduled for tomorrow!

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As a homeowner one of the more common repairs, you will have to do over the lifetime of a home is the fixing or repairing of a roof leak.  This may involve removing a small or in some case large section of your roof.

If you have a tile roof like most homes in Foothill Ranch, then is even more complicated.  You are going to need a Roofing Contractor who is experienced in the removal and replacement of roof tiles.  That is where we come into the picture.

We have knowledge and experience necessary to dismantle your roof while preserving the integrity of each tile removed safely and carefully.  We make sure to carefully stack and number the tile when we pull them to ensure proper placement when putting back together.

In the event you need replacement tiles we know where to find and how to install them back into your roof system.  Foothill Ranch Roofing is your go to roofer for any roof repairs.

Tile Roof Tune Ups

Getting you tile roof repaired maybe a normal occurrence for some of our customers.  In other cases, we speak to customers who have never had their roof worked on before.

If you are the later, you should be aware that roof leaks can be caused from deferred roof maintenance and occur over long periods of time.

You may be thinking you roof is good to good when in fact you may have broken roof tile on sections of the home that you cannot see very well or have been affected by high winds.  Call us today for a free tile roof maintenance checkup.

Foothill Ranch Roofing will schedule a trained professional from our company to visit your home and carefully and safely check every accessible section of your roof and provide you with the details.

Slipped or Displaced Roofing Tiles – Foothill Ranch Roofing Company

Making sure the tiles on your roof is secured and not loose is a must.  Homes subject to the high winds that we sometimes get can suffer wind damage to the roof especially with concrete tiles like most home in Foothill Ranch have.

These winds can loosen the nails from their grip into the wood structure and come completely loose.  I have personally witnessed tiles fly straight off the roof and smash on to the ground.

You may not be aware that not every tile on the roof is fastened securely with a long nail.  Some tiles must be cut to fit certain spaces just like floor tile have to be cut to fit into small spaces.

When this happens in the case of a roofing tile you will need to secure the tile in place with a high-quality adhesive.  Most home builders use a sealant that dries out quickly and is no longer bonded to the roof in under ten years.

These tiles must be identified and resealed in place with a polyether-based tile adhesive or the equivalent.  Simple roofers tar will not work!

Reliable Foothill Ranch Roofing that you can count on!

Here at Foothill Ranch Roofing, we only use the best materials we can source locally.  We never use roofers tar to seal pipes or in areas where it is exposed to direct sunlight.  We use a polyether-based sealant in these instances.

When it comes to gluing a roofing tile in place, when necessary, we utilize a high-quality tile adhesive to make sure you tile will stay in place as reasonably possible.

High quality materials combined with trained employees most of which have been with us more than ten years give you the customer a higher quality job making it less likely you will need our services again.

That is fine with us because we rather have referrals from customer we helped once and never had to come back.  After we finish your repair, we back it up with a 2-year Labor warranty.

If you have any problems that are a result of our workmanship, we will take care of it without ant expenses to the customer.  We stand behind our work and we stand with our customers.  Call us today for any of the above Foothill Ranch Roofing services.

Foothill Ranch Roofing Services we offer:

  • Free Estimates (for most tile roofs)
  • Broken roof tile repair and replacement
  • Sealing of roof flashings
  • Professional roof inspection for the concerned home buyer
  • Leaking chimney repairs
  • Roof Valley Replacements
  • Fascia Repair or replacement
  • Rotten Eave Board Repairs
  • Edge Metal Installation
  • Solar Fan Installation
  • Mortar Repairs
  • Annual Inspections


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If you have a specific concern and need it taken care of right away, then please fill out our contact form.

Filling out the form allows us to quickly know where you are, what you need, and allow us to sometimes immediately dispatch a repair technician or sales rep. to your home.

Lastly, if it is raining you must fill out the form.  Rather than us calling you back, leaving messages, returning your message, playing phone tag, and then getting all your info over the telephone.

The Foothill Ranch Roofing contact form will get scheduled much more quickly.  Orange County Roof Repair Company.

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Our Exclusive “No Leak” Warranty has you Covered

South County Roofing prides itself on having the strongest 2 Year tile roof leak repair warranties in the business. Furthermore, we back our roof leak repair warranties up in writing with our Exclusive “No Leak Warranty” that guarantees you your money back in case we cannot repair your leak as written and agreed to.

Getting a warranty in writing that spells out exactly what will happen in the event of the leak not being fixed is so important. Moreover, what is even more important is hiring a company that does such good work that you will probably never need that warranty. We believe that is us.