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Roofing Tips and Hints When Getting a New Roof

We have dedicated a small portion of our website to new roofs even though we do not do complete new roof job.  We do offer the most popular roof service of new roof installation because we are a roof repair specialist.

On the next few pages you will find some roofing tips, helpful information, and links and make your life easier as the job progresses and possibly save you money and headaches when it’s finished.


I know this sounds easy but you really should do this.  I like to keep a file so I can write phone numbers and the dates and names of people I have spoken to.  Of course a simple folder come in handy when looking to stash all related paperwork and you will be getting a ton of it.

Of course, you’ll have the roofing contract in here, plus any written changes, but don’t also forget to keep a copy of the material manufacturer’s instructions for application and warranty.


One of the more important roofing tips you can get is to simply check the work as it progresses.  Now that everyone has a smart phone it is easy for your roofer to share photos of important details.  You’ll also want to keep a copy of the manufacturer’s instructions and warranty will come in handy here.

If the manufacturer calls for six nails per shingle and your contractor is only using three, you’ll want to point that out.  And, of course, closely inspect the work before you write the final check.


This is one of the most important roofing tips I can stress.  Don’t let the roofer talk you into pulling the permits.  The person pulling the permits on the job becomes the “Owner/Builder.”

The person designated by this term is responsible for the overall job, which may include such things such as code compliance and other legal liabilities.

You do not want to be liable for Workers Compensation issues.  If you pull a permit then you could be opening up yourself to this type of problem.


This is a roofing tip that will save you a lot of headache.  The roofer can think of all of your needs and requirements during the project.  It is a good idea to know where the trash is going to be stored, how long it will be stored and if certain areas of the property will need to be avoided during the project.

Know that even under the best circumstances, the work your having done will be noisy and messy and will cause some inconvenience to you and your family. Ask your roofing contractor what to expect. Then prepare your family and make plans accordingly.


This is vey basic roofing tip but also important enough to mention.  If you will be away from home while work is being done, be sure to give your contractor a phone number where you can be reached in case he needs to consult with you about the work. Make sure he has your cell number, work number, and email.  That way he has three options if something that requires your immediate attention.


What are they and why should you care?  Say you’ve paid your contractor the full amount you owe him for labor and material.  But, let’s say the roofer hasn’t paid his workers or the material supplier.

Unless you have signed “lien waver,” you could be forced to pay that amount all over again to keep from losing your home.  The way to protect is to specify is responsible for obtaining and providing you with lien releases from any sub contractors and material suppliers involved in your job.

You should plan to make a phone call to the roofing material supplier yourself to verify that all materials have been paid for.  Any unpaid bills for materials delivered will be your responsibility even though you have paid the roofer in full.


This last roofing tip could really keep your job from getting out of control.  Your payment schedule should be contingent upon the contractor’s completed work.  You should also provide for retention of at least 10% of the amount owed until the job is fully completed to your satisfaction.

A good contractor will leave plenty of money for the completion of your job.  This means his is confident in his cash flow and quality of his work to know that he is going to get paid when he need to.

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