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Roofing your home in Orange County (For Existing Customers Only)

First off, we only give new roof quotes for existing customers. We must have previously repaired either your current home or a previous home in order for us to consider giving you a new roof quote. When it comes to getting a new roof for your home or business, finding a roofing contractor who knows what they are doing and does it well is half of the battle. Here at South County Roofing you will find just that. When it comes to re-roofing we only use a small handful of manufactures to accomplish this. When it comes to roofing we believe that quality is better than quantity. Rather than trying to be everything to everybody we just do what we do best over and over again. When calling us for an opinion on what type of roof should you use you can bet we will only recommend the top roofing material manufactures in the business. Our list of preferred manufactures includes:

Concrete Tile Manufactures

an excellent line of light weight and standard weight concrete tiles such as the Duralite offering of light weight concrete which offer all three concrete tile profiles and many different colors and blends.

A beautiful lightweight concrete tile alternative for those of you who would like a wood shake look alike roof with superior fire rating of a concrete tile roof. When it comes to looking like wood shake there isn't a concrete tile roof that can match the look of a well installed Cedarlite roof.

Eagle and Eaglelite
Their concrete tiles are some of the most popular roofing tiles on the market. When it comes to color selection and texture of the tile Eagle will have the widest selection to choose from. Also, if you need help in deciding which Eagle tile would be best for your home they have a design center in Irvine, California. Eagle makes several wood shake look versions of their tile and have a wide selection of slate concrete tile as well. They also have a huge selection of rounded tiles in case you would like your roof to reflect a Spanish or Mediterranean look.

Composition Shingles
Asphalt composition shingles have come a long way from the old days of the 3-tab roof. They now have composition shingles available that are affordable and look amazing. Gone are the old days of a thin flimsy composition roof. In are the new super thick laminate shingles that come with a level of durability that's unparalleled. These new Laminates and Tri-Laminates are growing in popularity and we are installing more and more of them every year. The king at the top of the super thick laminate shingle is the Presidential line of shingle from Certainteed.

Certainteed Presidential and Presidential TL Ultimate
The Presidential line of shingles was purchased by Certainteed from Celotex in the early 90's. Certainteed knows a good product when they see one and since buying the Presidential line of shingles it has become common knowledge that this is the best of the best. It comes in two versions Presidential and Presidential TL. Thick and thicker. The Presidential line of shingles costs a fraction of the natural wood shakes, but the benefits don't end there. Unlike wood, it won't rot or decay, and offers excellent wind and fire resistance. Both of them have all the color variations you will need to compliment any color scheme you may need to match. If you're the type who likes having the best of the best the Presidential TL is as good as it gets.

Slate Roofing tiles and shingles

For home owners looking to add distinction and character to their homes slate and slate looking roofing materials can do just that. A more expensive option than your basic concrete tiles or asphalt composition but with it you get the beauty of slate roof.

Slate roofing has several draw backs. It is often very heavy, it is always very expensive, it will break if walked on, and because it is a natural stone it doesn't have a warranty. With those negatives in mind we have been looking for a good slate alternative and we have two for you.

Auburn Tile
For those of you who want a thick looking slate tile roof with trim pieces that wrap the edge of the roof this is the way to go. The heights and widths of these tiles are about the same as traditional "real slate". Auburn tiles are made to be staggered and they come in light weight versions that don't look too thin. They have a multitude of colors and factory designed color schemes that will accommodate the most discriminating home owner. If you are looking for a moderately priced slate looking roof that is time tested this is a great option to consider.

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