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Coto De Caza Roofing and Roof Repair

Coto De Caza Roof Tune up Contractor

South County Roofing specializes in tile roof repair and replacing broken roofing tiles. We have been repairing tile roofs in Coto De Caza Dove Canyon since 1997. There are several type of tile roofs you will come across and we are familiar with all of them. No matter what type of tile roof you have (concrete tile, Spanish tile, clay tile, or slate tile) we have fixed it over and over.

Other roofing services we offer are roof inspection and roof tune ups. If you are looking to buy a home located in Coto De Caza you should have us take a do the roof inspection. We inspect roofs in Coto De Caza that have been neglected or suffered some sort of damage such as wind damage. These types of roofing problems can lead to costly repairs and we can get these paid for by the seller with our exclusive four page roof inspection report.

Coto De Caza Roof Tune Up

If you are interested in staying on top of any roof maintenance that roof needs then you should call us before winter rain storms hit. You can schedule us to come out and take a look at your roof with confidence that if something needs to be done we will find it and repair it for a reasonable price and if you are not in need any any roof repairs we will let you know that as well.

Coto De Caza Roof Leak Repair

Coto De Caza Roof Repair and Roof Leak Detection

Roofs will leak for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the roof flashing was not originally installed correctly. Sometimes the roof flashing install was substandard. Roofs also leak just from plain old wear and tear. No matter what the cause of you r leaking roof you need to make sure you hire the right roofer to fix.

We believe we are the right person to fix your leaking roof and we back it up with a warranty, in writing, that specifically says if "we can't fix your leak, You won't pay for it". Also we make sure that before you pay for your roof we will furnish you with the proper lien releases. This is very important because some many roofing contract pay their employees in cash and that could be big problems for a home owner. We do everything right from paying our employees by check to following all building codes, and operating our roofing company on a professional manner.

Coto De Caza Roofing and Repair Specialist

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