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Orange County Skylights

Orange County Skylight repair and Installation

I was called out to inspect a typical Orange County tile roof for a leaking skylight problem to try and figure out why his ceiling is getting damaged under his skylight and near the edges of his skylight.

After seeing the interior and assessing if he should call his insurance company or not I have to go up on the roof. Going up on the roof is always necessary if it can be safely done and if the roof is dry it should be safe.

Getting a quote from someone who does not got up the roof when it is safe should be a red flag. When I go up on the roof for a roof leak inspection I am looking for broken roofing tiles, missing roof flashing, cracked or leaking skylight domes, or a sloppy roof installation.

The area around the roof had no visible roof damage. I didn't find any broken tiles, and the skylight itself was in good shape. All of the flashing around the skylight was there.

Now I need to tell the customer that the leak source is under the roofing tiles and we will need to perform a roof leak detection service in order to find the roof leak source and repair it for good.

At this point the customer asks if I can just caulk around the skylight. He mentioned another roofer had told him that he could just caulk to corners of the skylight and see of that works. We'll show you why that is bad advice.

Orange County leaking skylights

Leaking Skylight & Roof Flashing Replacement

We have removed all of the roofing tiles, the roof flashing down to the deck or plywood. All of the trash and roof debris are put into a re-usable bag. We always use recyclable bags that can be used many times over. We try to be as green as possible when working on your roof.

At this most point some roofers will simply take some cheap roofers tar and start spreading over the areas where they think roofing felt may be damaged. Then they just put the roofing tiles back over the old felt. That approach will save you money today and no doubt lead to a more thorough repair the next year.

Another approach we see is where the roofer decides to install new felt directly over the old felt. They call this an overlay, re-paper, go-over or something like that. Its a cheap job.

This is definitely short cut or band aid type of roof repair. If the roofer doesn't inspect the deck then how can you be sure there is no mold damage that needs to be replaced?

If there is some mold or dry rot you need to make sure it is safely removed and replaced. We always do this. If the roofer doesn't take the time to remove the skylight dome and replace the roof flashing around the skylight they are taking another short cut.

These are the flawed repaired techniques that can lead to moldy, dry rot damaged wood being left on your house and this is very dangerous to your health.

Orange County Leaking Skylight Repair

Skylight Roof Flashing Replacement Orange County

We take the time and do the all necessary steps needed to give you a long term roof repair and extended "No Leak" warranty. We are about an 1 1/2 hours into this repair and we have already removed the tile in a very large area around the skylight.

All removed tile is carefully stacked it aside for later re-use, and we cleaned all of the debris under the tile and put it safely into a re-useable bag instead of blowing it into your backyard.

We removed all the leaking flashing, repaired the deck, pounded down all nails and loose decking edges. At this point your roof is now properly prepped for a premium water shield, roofing felt, and newly fabricated roof and skylight flashing to custom fit around your skylight curb.

Orange County skylight Flashing

New Flashing, Watershield, and Raised Skylight Curb Detail

We are now several hours into the repair and nearing the end. We have now corrected all the problems that could not be seen during the normal roof leak inspection process.

At this point in the repair we have done everything we have discussed but one thing we did not discuss was the overall height of the skylight curb. After removing the skylight dome, the roof felt paper, and the roof flashing we were able to see that the skylight itself needed to be raised about two inches.

Skylights that sit too low off the roof deck surface have a tendency to leak during wind blown rain storms. To do this we first removed the front piece of wood because it had dry rot damage. Instead of replacing it with the same sized piece of wood we replaced it with a piece that was one size larger on the height and that raised to front of the skylight to the proper height.

Then we were able to add a piece of wood to each side and the back to make a matching and level height adjustment all the way around the skylight. The combination of removing the felt, replacing the dry rot or termite damaged wood, pounding down all popped up nails, making any necessary decking repair to get the deck as flat and smooth as possible, removing the dome and fabricating new skylight and roof flashing, and picking up the height of the curb will allow us to warranty this area of the roof for years and years to come.

This area of the roof will be the last area of this roof to ever leak again. After we tuned up the rest of the roof the life expectancy of this roof is now up 10-20 years from what it was before we arrived.

Orange County Skylight Repair and Whole Tile Roof Tune-up

Skylight Repair & Tile Roof Tune-up for Orange County

The picture you see to the right is not the before picture but the after picture. About the only hint that we repaired this skylight in Mission Viejo, Ca is that you can see some lighter colored tiles right behind the skylight.

The roof tune-up work that we did after we finished this skylight repair was painting all of the roof flashing with Behr, Ultra, paint and primer paint that we custom matched a color for the roof (you should never let a roofer use spray paint on your roof) and we replaced and broken tiles, repaired and reset al slipped tiles, installed new mortar where the old was cracked or damaged, and left his job the same day we started looking like we had never even been there.

If you live in Orange County, Ca and you are experiencing some damaged or a wet ceiling around your skylights then give us a call and we will come out and do the exact same job for you and your skylight leaks will be gone.

We are a small roofing company that focuses on quality not quantity and offer the best possible prices we can with the maximum amount of professional service and attention the detail.

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